A growing practice requires new patients—usually lots of them.

One of the best ways to build the practice and increase production is The Top 200™—a concept pioneered by Levin Group. The Top 200™ are the approximately 200 patients that the practice believes have the best potential to refer friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. This strategy is used by Levin Practices to increase production and grow patient referrals.

These patients will receive monthly emails with updates about the practice or advances in dentistry. When they do refer, an entire thank-you program is put in place, including thank-you notes, phone calls from the doctor, small items as tokens of appreciation, and a series of in-office thank-you’s the next time these patients return to the practice.

The Top 200 has proven to be a highly effective method for practices that want to increase production. This is just one strategy in Levin Group’s Internal Marketing Program that helps practices increase production and take advantage of the economic turnaround.

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