Eis kratzen - ice scraping 04 100773895Sometimes we can't see what's right in front of us.

When I got in my car one morning not long ago, I was surprised to see that the windshield was covered with frost. It was just heavy enough to make me wonder if I could drive safely. Should I just drive off with the defroster cranked up and wipers going, hoping to be able to see the road well enough... or should I get back out of the car and scrape?

Even though it would mean taking more time—and I confess I can be somewhat impatient about getting where I'm going—I decided to scrape off the frost. As I drove off to work a few minutes later, I had a perfectly clear view... and a new way to think about an important principle.

The frost-covered windshield provides an excellent analogy for how we often live our lives. We often have trouble seeing what's ahead. We lack the information and insight needed to know which way to turn, or how to reach our destination. Sometimes we just speed off anyway because we're in a hurry.

But if you want to reach a goal, you need to be able to see where you're going. That means reading books, taking courses, asking experts for advice. Take the time to perfect your vision and you'll actually get there sooner.

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