Still life with wine bottles 113157928Recently, I had a phenomenal dinner with the wine club I belong to. The wines were carefully matched to each course. I cannot express how much fun it is to be part of this group. Each time we meet, I am exposed to new wines and information. It's so enjoyable to go to an evening where I know that I learn something new.

All too often, we put up our own barriers to learning by assuming that we know the answers or, worse, acting like we do to avoid potential embarrassment. Enjoyment occurs when we are open to the input of others, especially those more knowledgeable on a subject. This approach allows us to ask questions we might not normally ask and risk making comments that may be wrong without fear of embarrassment.

It makes me think back to when I was a kid and didn't care about what I did or didn't know. As adults and dental professionals, we often take pains to disguise the fact that we may not be experts on a particular subject. My advice—enjoy learning from experts who know more than we do.

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numbers 126939031These days, we are so inundated with information that we tend to filter much of it out. It's easy to forget that some things simply cannot be ignored.

At my annual physical, my doctor explained to me the results from my blood test. There were more numbers and detailed information than ever before. It looks at all types of cholesterol, including high density, low density, small particle, large particle, etc. While I don't pretend to fully understand the details of each nuance, I quickly scan the sheets to see if there was anything out of the normal range (thankfully there wasn't).

Whether it's blood test results, business targets, the Dow Jones Index, or grades in school, numbers reveal much. They help us communicate better, show where we are and allow us to set key goals for improved performance. Whenever you can apply a number or derive a number as part of an analysis, it can be tremendously illuminating.

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Less than a week to go before you can take the 2012 Dental Economics/Levin Group Annual Practice Survey. Participate and you could win a $100 American Express gift card. This year, 10 gift cards will be given away.

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