I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Dr.BiCuspid.com for its Leaders in Dentistry series. In a wide-ranging discussion, Editor-In-Chief Kathy Kincade asked me a variety of questions about the current state of dentistry in the post-recession economy.

Here are a few highlights:

On The Impact Of The Recession

We are a permanently changed profession in my opinion. Consumers have developed new habits and behaviors in terms of decision-making. The consumer purchasing psychology has changed, with longer decision-making times.

What Can Dentists Do To Spur Growth

The first step is to do a practice analysis. Too many dentists make knee-jerk changes without really understanding their situation. Before making any significant change, you need to analyze the practice itself. Analysis is all about comparison and identifying opportunities.

The Future Of Dentistry

I believe that any practice that implements proven business systems will have 30% to 50% growth potential in one to three years. We see it here all the time, with every type of practice, so we know it can be done. So I am very optimistic about the future of dentistry. The only difference is you are going to have to run an excellent business. Dentistry has always been focused on excellent care, but now we also have to run an excellent business.

To read the full interview, go here.

Jack in the box 78395582You're in an unfamiliar department store far from home, shopping for a gift, and worried about catching your flight. So you ask a salesperson for directions to the toy section. She doesn't tell you where to go. She doesn't even point the way. She invites you to follow her as she heads off to the far corner of the store. As you walk along, you talk... she asking who the toy is for, you thanking her more than once for going so far out of her way to help you.

By the time she leaves you among the toys, you're thinking, "Wow! What a nice person! What a great store!"

To me, that is what customer service is all about. Whatever the business at hand, when there's a person-to-person interaction, we can choose to make it a positive, enjoyable experience. There are two excellent reasons for everyone on the practice team (including the doctor) to do this:

  • It makes patients feel good about getting dental care from you. They value the relationship and will not only keep coming back but will also encourage family members, friends and fellow workers to become your patients.
  • It makes your workday much more enjoyable and rewarding, and less stressful. You're not just performing tasks, you're helping people you've come to know and care about.

Meeting patient expectations is the least you can do. Exceeding their expectations—surprising them with the unexpected—is an art worth practicing.

American Football above the Twenty Yard Line-105549247I confess I am a big Baltimore Ravens fan. And this season has been like no other.

It's been a real emotional roller coaster. One week, we do the seemingly impossible, and the next week, we look like a sandlot team.

There have been some great victories—we beat our archrival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, twice (!) and also scored wins against two playoff contenders, the Houston Texans and New York Jets.

And then those amazing wins were followed by incomprehensible and infuriating losses to sub-500 teams like Jacksonville and Seattle.

The same thing can happen to a dental practice. There can be day after day of excellence and then a complete meltdown.

The key is to develop systems that never allow for a meltdown day. I only wish such systems existed for the Baltimore Ravens.

Had an amazing weekend recently at the Total Life Success Summit™ in Orlando. This is an event for Levin Group clients that focuses on personal growth and fulfillment.

Most dentists are relatively successful. In fact, we’re in the top ten for income. But just because you’re successful doesn’t automatically mean you’re happy.

Most people wander through their lives. And dentists are no exception.

They are extremely busy, and many of them just want to get through the day… so they can go home, go to bed and come back and do it again.

We get so busy making a living that we forget about making a life.

The Summit is a chance for dentists to step back and take stock of their lives. This year’s theme was about doctors creating their own path based on what really matters to them.

With the year coming to an end and the holidays soon upon us, this is a great time to take a moment—maybe several moments—and think about what really matters.


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