In today’s economy, dentists need new patients—now. You don't have time to wait for practice growth to happen. You have to make it happen with effective marketing.

You Need a Scientific Marketing Program

Nobody knows more about marketing to patients than Levin Group. We can show you how to easily add new patients, ramp up patient referrals and grow your practice fast.

Using our proven Rapid Growth Strategies™—based on nearly three decades of consulting experience—you will:

Double the number of referrals from current patients

Easily add new patients 

Rapidly increase production

Generate glowing word-of-mouth referrals from the community

Create a highly positive New Patient Experience

Strengthen relationships with all patients

Re-activate the majority of overdue patients

Fill your schedule with new patients

You can add millions of dollars to your bottom line over the course of your career. How?

Take the Next Step

Contact a Levin Group Certified Practice Analyst at 888.973.0000 to see how you can quickly transform your practice with Levin Group's scientific Marketing Consulting Program.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "We knew we were a good practice, but we wanted to become a great practice. You need to do this.... they're going to get everything in place so that all you have to worry about is your dentistry." 

    – Dr. Terry W. Dawson
  • "Choosing to work with Levin Group was the greatest gift I have ever given myself. My production grew 70% in the first seven months. These days it's exciting to go to work."

    – Dr. William Schluter
  • "I only wish I had started to work with Levin Group sooner! My practice grew 33% and my stress level is much lower. This investment has paid off many times over. I would advise young dentists not to wait—use Levin Group early in your career."

    – Dr. Samuel Leishear
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Why Consulting?



You deserve the best practice possible.

Levin Group has helped thousands of dentists transform their practices into million-dollar dental businesses.

Take the next step with Levin Group Dental Consulting. You deserve it.

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In-Office Practice Analysis™

module_practicepotentialDiagnosis works best when you actually see the patient.

What are the underlying causes that prevent your practice from reaching its full potential? Get straightforward answers with an In-Office Practice Analysis™ from the dental consulting experts.

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